A Jefferson County family is waiting on military officials to arrive after they found a military ammunition round inside their new home.

Officials were called to the house on Meeting Street Thursday morning.

According to officials with the Dandridge Police Department, the new owners bought the home three weeks ago. The home had not been lived in for some time, and the original owner's belongings were still inside.

As they were cleaning the house out, they found the round, which was about a foot long and a couple of inches around. It was put into a bucket and taken outside.

The Morristown Bomb Squad determined that it was a military ordnance, and the military should be responsible for disposing of it.

The nearest Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team is stationed at Ft. Campbell, and they are waiting for them to arrive.

The house is located across the street from Maury Middle School, but there were no evacuations.

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