(WBIR) The Hamblen County Sheriff's Department arrested three men Monday in connection to an armed robbery last year at Talley's Auto Sales in Russellville.

According to the Sheriff's Dept., two masked men entered the store on April 20, 2013, pointed a gun at Vernon Talley, the store's owner, and demanded he give them his prescription pills.

Talley tried to fight off the men with a baseball bat, but one of them hit Talley in the head with a gun. When he went to the ground, the two men tied him up with duct tape. Then, they stole $40 from Talley, along with the 180 Oxycodone and 90 Alprazolam (Xanax) pills prescribed to Talley.

A customer in the store and a friend of Talley, Shawn Turner, told officers the robbers told him to get down on the ground, then hit him over the head.

After a year-long investigation, the department believes the two armed robbers are James R. Harris, 39, and Charles S. Turner Jr., 29. Turner Jr. is the brother of Shawn Turner, who claimed to be a victim in the robbery.

The Sheriff's Department now believes Shawn Turner knew that Vernon Talley had recently renewed his prescription.

Harris and Turner Jr. are arrested and charged with with aggravated robbery. Shawn Turner has also been arrested and is charged with criminal responsibility for conduct of another.

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