Another chapter in the ongoing battle between Rural/Metro Ambulance Service and Loudon County comes in the form of a video.

The video shows an ambulance worker not immediately responding to an emergency when that worker was on call. It comes as the company is on a 60-day warning from the county. That official warning was signed off one day before this new incident.

It's the latest in an ongoing war of words between Loudon County and Rural/Metro.

The incident happened on August 9th when a Greenback resident was having a breathing issue and called for assistance.

WATCH: Complete surveillance video

According to Loudon County attorney Bob Bowman, Rural/Metro, who was stationed in Greenback, waited five minutes after that first call before they drove to the scene. They claim one of the workers was smoking a cigarette, waiting casually for several minutes after the call.

According to records, the ambulance was on the way and they told dispatchers they took a wrong direction which stalled them. Attorney Bowman says that was false.

Rural/Metro has released the following statement:

"Rural/Metro has repeatedly requested but not yet been given access to full video footage of the incident in question.
At this time, Rural/Metro is actively investigating the allegations and seeking additional information."
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