A lot of East Tennessee businesses that rely on the Great Smoky Mountains to bring in their customers are looking forward to the park's reopening on Wednesday.

R and R Fishing in Townsend takes people fly fishing in the park, and they've seen a significant drop in business since the park closed.

Last week, they had to cancel one of their biggest trips of the year, which owner Ian Rutter says cost them thousands of dollars.

"Every day that goes by is another trip that we haven't done or that we could have booked. Because word is out that the park is closed, people just aren't coming," said Rutter.

He said he and his wife will make the most of the Smokies opening for 5 days.

"Thank goodness!" Rutter said. "If nothing else that was just a few more phone calls I didn't have to make suggesting alternative places for them to go."

Rutter said October for his business is like the week before Christmas for retail, and he's looking forward to getting back to work this week.

Rutter said he hopes Congress can find a more permanent solution to reopen the park.

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