Homeowners on the Little River in Louisville are trying to figure out why hundreds of dead fish turned up in the water Saturday.

Cherie Greenway said she first noticed the dead fish around noon on Saturday. She said she was walking along the water at her home when she saw hundreds – maybe even a thousand – dead fish belly up in the water.

She said she has never seen anything like it in the five years she lived there. Greenway said she's worried about what may have caused it.

"We have dogs that drink out of the lake," said Greenway. "The deer across the lake come here and drink water. And I'm just afraid it's going to kill them. I'm just sad to see these fish dying like that. It's sad because I feed those fish."

Greenway says an officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency checked out the situation Saturday evening.

The agent said he is not completely sure what killed the fish. He said it could have been a lack of oxygen because crews are currently lowering water levels.

TWRA is still investigating.

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