(WBIR) Heritage High School in Maryville played Hardin Valley for Friday night's football game. It was extra special for a father, who recently became paralyzed on one side.

Ben Sternberg watched his son play for the first time since his accident.

In May, Sternberg felt and hit the back of his head on an end table. The traumatic brain injury left half of Sternberg's body paralyzed.

"It's like I'm a stroke victim. I can't raise my left arm," Sternberg recalled.

He currently is working on rehabilitation at Island Home Park Health and Rehab.

Sternberg had not been able to attend a game all season, until Friday night.

Lifeguard Ambulance Service in Knoxville provided Sternberg with free transportation to the Heritage High School football game.

"If I can help him capture a moment, that's a great feeling. It's a once in a lifetime deal so I'm just honored to do it," said Victor Wolfe, with Lifeguard Ambulance Service.

Sternberg's son, Benjamin, is a linebacker and center for the Heritage Mountaineers.

"He's been at all my sporting events since I was little. It's just been different not having him here," Benjamin said.

Friday was Senior Night for Heritage High School.

"My son, he plays his heart out," Sterberg said, while out on the field with his son.

In recent weeks, Sternberg has felt some sensation in his left arm. He is hopeful he will be able to walk again some day.

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