Three vehicles have crashed into a Maryville house over the course of about a year.

"It's unbelievable really," said homeowner Fred Quillen.

The house sits at the intersection of Lamar Alexander Parkway and North Houston Street near Maryville High School. Since Quillen bought the home in the '70s, he said he's seen five vehicles crash into it. Maryville police records confirmed the latest three. They could not find records older than that in a timely manner.

"All the other times except this time it's torn that porch off. We just finished getting it fixed not long ago here," he said.

The house sits a short distance from the busy four-lane highway, but it hasn't always been so close. Quillen said he started having problems when Lamar Alexandar expanded to four lanes. He said with increased traffic recently, the number of accidents has gone up.

"It became a target I guess," Quillen said.

"It's so strange and odd that this would keep occurring," said neighbor Amy Howard. "Are they going to wait until a vehicle runs through the house before they look into the issue?"

Howard, who lives on North Houston, worries with the number of students in the area and heavier traffic that one of the residents will be seriously hurt. She says she sees drivers using the turn lanes incorrectly too often.

Both Quillen and Howard are working to get the city involved.

"I'd like to see them put a light up there before somebody gets killed," said Quillen.

"Just something to bring alertness to the drivers," said Howard.

The City of Maryville said they are taking a look at the intersection and considering their options.

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