Tuesday, December 10

The Knox County Sheriff's Office released the name of a woman rescued from a fiery crash in Seymour Sunday.

Dustin Brackins of Seymour helped saved Tonja M. Watson, 41, of Seymour from her car before it caught on fire after it hydroplaned, hit a tree, overturned on Kimberlin Heights Road at Davis Road Sunday afternoon.

Crews drove Watson to UT Medical Center where she's in stable condition.

10News reported Sunday that Brackins was driving with his family along Kimberlin Heights Drive when he saw a car on its side. When he stopped his car and ran over to the vehicle, he found a woman trapped inside calling for help. He used a tire iron to break the car's window, and pulled her from the car moments before it caught on fire.

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(WBIR-Seymour) The man who helped rescue a woman from a burning car Sunday said it was fate and faith that brought him to the scene.

"God put me in the right place at the right time," Dustin Brackins of Seymour said Monday. "I just feel like I was here; he used me to do what he wanted."

He was driving with his family by Kimberlin Heights when he saw a car on its side. He said he normally does not take that route back to his house.

"The engine was smoking but the first thing I caught my eye was the exhaust. I can see normal exhaust pipe bent," recalled Brackins.

He said he ran over to the damaged car, and found a woman trapped inside -- calling for help.

"Yanking on the window, trying to get the glass to break," he added. "They finally bring me a tire iron to break the glass. At that point, the engine is up in flames."

At the time, all he saw was the woman was pinned. However, he didn't know the injuries she had.

"Telling her, 'Look I'm sorry, I know this is going to hurt, but you're trapped but I got to get you out of here.' Grabbed her, get her legs pinned, unpinned and kind of pull her out of there," he said.

Moments later, the vehicle went up in flames.

"You just react-- you don't think," he said.

Brackins said he does not call himself a "hero"; he just knew he had to help.

"It's all God's timing. It's all God's will."

The sheriff's office has not released the victim's name, but as we've mentioned, she was responsive and suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Deputies believe the car may have hydroplaned, causing the crash.

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