(WBIR) On Thursday, the Tennessee House of Representatives overwhelming approved a bill that calls for stricter rules for repeat drug and alcohol offenders.

House Bill 1759, also known as "Amelia's Law," would allow judges to order offenders and parolees to wear a "transdermal monitoring device," if alcohol or drugs were contributing factors in their crime. It's basically a device that can track alcohol or drug levels through a person's skin.

The legislation is named after Amelia Keown, who died in a head-on collision, while on her way home to pick up pom poms for after school dance practice. She was 16 years old.

Records show the man who crashed into her, John C. Perkins, was out on parole and had a criminal record dating back to at least 1998. His sheet included misdemeanor speeding charges, but also charges for aggravated robbery, drugs, and fleeing and evading police. He also died in the crash.

The House unanimously passed the proposal, 92-0.

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