(WBIR) For many East Tennesseans, military service is a family tradition passed down through the generations. This year's Medal of Honor convention is recognizing that by honoring those families.

The Price family, of Maryville, can trace 19 service members in the last 4 generations.

Both Jeff and Sandra Price served in the Navy. Now, all three of their sons, are following in their footsteps and are currently in the Navy.

If you talk to Jeff for more than a few minutes, he will pull out a picture of his three sons in uniform from their youngest son Wyatt's wedding.

"It's pretty rare to have them all in uniform together," Jeff said, looking at it with pride.

"He shows it to everybody, everybody!" Sandra said laughing.

Two of their sons, Taylor and Jordan, are deployed on different ships. Wyatt is currently in the Navy's nuclear electrician school in Charleston.

But the newest generation of Price men and women are by no means the first in their family history. It's clear that military service is in their genes.

"My dad fought in World War II and the Korean War, my brother served in the Air Force, my uncle in the Navy, another uncle who was a chaplain in the Marines and Army," Jeff said, just to name a few.

On Sandra's side, her father served in the Army, grandfather in the Navy, her oldest brother in the Navy, and middle brother in the Marines.

Sandra's great grandfather fought for the Union in the Civil War, while Jeff's great grandfather fought for the Confederacy.

Even though both Jeff and Sandra's fathers were in the Army, they gravitated toward the Navy at an early age.

"There was that bumper sticker "sailors have more fun," Jeff said, "I grew an admiration for what the Navy did and sailors and what not so I wanted to join."

When Jeff and Sandra got married and he decided to enlist, she chose to follow in her family's footsteps as well.

"It was just kinda natural. I'll go too," she said. "My earliest memories are on military bases. It was the natural thing to do, to serve. It's part of who I am. I'm very proud of my service and my family's service and my kids."

Knoxville will host the Medal of Honor Convention September 10-13.

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