(WBIR - Oak Ridge) Workers at an Oak Ridge pizza restaurant say the business closed suddenly, leaving them without a job.

The doors to Gatt's Pizza on Wilson Street have been locked and there's a posted sign that reads, "Closed we sold the business".

Workers say there were given no warning on the sale and closure of the restaurant.

Kayla Freels, who has worked at the pizza place for eight years, said she was shocked when she went to work Thursday and found out the Gatti's location was no longer in business.

"I'm a hard worker. I'm early all of the time and if they needed me to stay over, I'll stay over. And if someone called in sick on my day off I'd go in for that person," she said.

Freels, a cancer survivor, is hoping to gain employment at another Gatti's Pizza location.

10News was unable to reach the franchise owner for comment. A regional manager told 10News she believes the owners did not own any other Gatti's restaurants in the Greater Knoxville area.

The other Gatti's Pizza locations remain open.

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