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In August, 2013 work began on the Latest Labor of Love project to build a six-bedroom duplex for adult clients of the Sertoma Center. Labor of Love is a joint effort between WBIR Channel 10, the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville and the Knox Area Association of Realtors. Since 1961,

The Sertoma Cente

r has served adults with intellectual disabilities in the area.

Work continues to complete the home in East Knox County. Right now, we are asking for arae businesses or individuals who would like to sponsor a room in these homes. Rooms still needing sponsors: individual bedrooms & bath, kitchen, living & dining rooms. Gift card donations are also being accepted to retail stores that sells home goods and small appliances. Those cards can be dropped off or mailed to the Sertoma Center (1400 East Fifth Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee 37917). Monetary donations may also be made at

The Sertoma Center provided these bios for the future residents of the duplex.


Gina is a 42 year old female who joined Sertoma's Residential and Day programs in June of 2011. Along with being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Gina suffered a brain injury from an accident when she was a toddler. Both have affected all areas of her daily life. She is confined to a wheelchair and requires total assistance with all transfers and activities of her daily life.

Gina's diagnosis has also affected her in terms of how she speaks however, with what little speech she has, Gina is a big conversationalist. You will know exactly what Gina is about the first time you meet her. She is not afraid to speak her mind and let you know how she feels about you. Gina also has a great sense of humor and is a big kidder. Once Gina feels comfortable and safe around someone, she truly opens up ; you are considered a good friend and she will then joke with you constantly.

Music is one of Gina's great loves. If you really want to get her going, just turn the radio on and she will be bopping in her wheelchair all day long. Other things of importance to Gina: her family, her balloons, relaxing in a recliner, girly decoration, having her nails painted, nice clothing and arts & crafts.

Gina participates in several activities in the community throughout the week. She also volunteers with Mobile Meals where she assists in delivering warm meals to people in the community.

Gina loves life and being around her brings joy to everyone.


Jonathan is a 22 year old young man who graduated from South Doyle High School in May 2013. He has received support from Sertoma for over three years. Jonathan came to Sertoma through an adult Protection Service's referral with only the clothes he was wearing. He could hardly believe he was going to have his own room and his own bed (Jonathan really doesn't have his own bed as the one he is currently using was taken out of storage when he came to Sertoma. Needless to say, we immediately fell in love with him.

Jonathan is a friendly and happy young man. He is a 'People person" with great imagination. He loves "Transformers"-anything and everything and has a vast collection of various 'Transformer' items he has either purchased or received as gifts (i.e, movies, figures, backpack, wallet, hat and bed covers). In addition, he knows the names of all the "Transformer" figures. Jonathan also has a great appreciate for anything having to do with law enforcement. He has badges, handcuffs, whistles and various other items. He likes semi-trucks, ambulances and fire trucks. Jonathan was given an older laptop on which he has played movies to watch while in his 'stander'. As of late, it seems this laptop has run its course. When he can get enough funds together, he will purchase a new one.

Jonathan has severe physical disabilities. He depends on his electric wheelchair for 100% of his ambulation. He has very minimal upper and lower range of motion resulting in his need for extensive assistance with his personal care-daily living skills, hygiene and transfers. Jonathan is verbal but he can be hard to understand at times; however, he is never bothered by being asked to repeat something-even more than once if needed.

I find it hard difficult to describe Jonathan in a few words. He is an OUTSTANDING young man! When you know where he came from and what he had to endure in his short life, it is even more amazing. In working with Jonathan and caring for him, one is truly a better person!

Prepared by: Marty Coy, AED, Sertoma Center.


Nancy is 49 years old who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy around the age of two years. She has been a client at Sertoma since 1988. Nancy walks with the aid of two quad canes; however, within the last two years, walking has become extremely painful and difficult for her. At this time, she requires the use of a wheelchair if she must stand or walk for any distance.

Nancy loves music and pretty things. Her favorite music seems to be the children's nursery rhymes and gospel music she heard as a child. Even today if Nancy becomes agitated, the best way to calmer her is to ask her to sing "Amazing Grace".

Nancy also enjoys wearing pretty clothes and having her nails painted. She especially enjoys picking out a new color for her manicure. Nancy's room at home is very important to her because she enjoys spending time there in the evenings listening to music and working her puzzles or stringing beads. Nancy also seems to enjoy participating in the day program at Sertoma Center where she can be involved with her friends. Her favorite activity is swimming at the YMCA. Imagine it; in the pool Nancy can walk-no quad canes, no wheelchair-Nancy can walk.


Jerry is a 39 year old male. He has lived with Sertoma since January 1998. He lives in one of our 3 persons Supportive Living Homes.

Jerry requires complete assistance with all of his ADL skills.

He has a warm smile, is kindhearted, affectionate and a great helper. He likes receiving praise for his accomplishments (that) makes him proud. Jerry is outgoing. He likes to watch staff preparing meals. He likes to help clean the kitchen by placing the dishes in the dishwasher and wiping the table off.

He loves trucks, motorcycles and watching the races on television. He also loves listening to music and dancing.

These are only a few things to describe Jerry because of the many qualities and great characteristics that he has.


James is a 49 year old male. He has lived with Sertoma since May 2009. He lives in one of our 3 persons Supportive Living Homes.

James requires complete assistance with all of his ADL skills. James likes to help staff with some tasks around the house. James is very friendly. He likes to spend his time at home watching TV, socializing with his housemates and staff or listening to music in his room. He enjoys attending church with his family where he sings in the choir sometimes. James attends the Day Program at Sertoma during the day. When James is at the Day Program, he likes to participate in horticulture activities in the greenhouse, going to the YMCA to swim (with assistance from staff) and participating in games with his friends. He enjoys socializing with his friends. James likes making people laugh. He has a great sense of humor.

James likes nice things such as clothes, hats and shoes. He likes for his bedroom to look neat, he likes to have pictures of his family in his bedroom along with pictures/crafts that he makes at the Day Program. He likes going to holiday dances, car shows, NASCAR, tractor pulls and monster trucks. He also likes collecting model cars and lighthouses.

These are only a few things to describe James because of the many qualities and great characteristics he has.

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