Question : what is the address for the deep south smokehouse and grill and where is it located ?

answer: Deep South Smokehouse & Grill

  1. address: 2933 Pittman Center Rd, Sevierville, TN 37876

  2. Phone:(865) 773-7807


    Friday 11:00 am – 8:00


No Name Please from Knoxville

Question : My wife's mother came to spend "a week or so" with us.

That was a month ago. Any idea how I can get her to leave without

being too obvious?

Answer: You, my friend, are skating on thin ice. I understand your

predicament. The solution is not as easy as calling Cook's Pest

Control. I once fell victim to such a situation. My idea of using

the bus schedule for a placemat fell flat. "Mom" ended up staying

another two weeks just to get even. You have to be oh-so subtle.


Ralph from Knoxville

Question : What's with the new website. I liked the old one.

Answer: So did I but the boys up at Gannett Headquarters thought

they could do better. If you look at the USA Today website

you'll see that it looks like a carbon copy. Apparently all

websites at Gannett owned properties will eventually look

the same. But like everything else, we'll all get used to it.

You ought to see it from our end. Sheeeeeeesh!

Russ from Knoxville

Question : How many games do you think the vols will win this year?

Answer: Less than the fans want them to win. We hope it'll be enough to

keep those fans off of Butch's Back for a while. When I was growing

up, my Detroit Tigers lost a lot of games and the excuse was always

the same…it's a rebuilding year. I'm thinking that Butch can use

that and get away with it. For a while. But as you may have heard,

Vol fans are not known for their patience.

Helen from Lenoir City

Question: What happened to Miley Cyrus? She used to be such a sweet little girl.


Madonna, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears were all sweet little girls at one time. What happens to turn them all into trashy big girls is hard to say. It's easy to say that it begins with ambitious but stupid parents. I've heard horror stories about "stage door moms". As a parent, I hesitate to make that case. But every time Miley Cyrus has done something shocking...whether it be posing nude or nearly nude...or pole dancing...the public reaction is "what the heck is Billy Ray thinkin'?". But Billy Ray never seems as upset as the general pubic. So I'd guess parenting, or lack of parenting plays a role in all of this. We can also blame the sexual culture in general. Parents who take their kids to Hooters are setting them on the wrong course. But don't get me started. It's just sad to see Miley Cyrus self-destruct. And I'd guess that Billy Ray is officially out of the running for Father of the Year.


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