Blake Douglas' family always knew he was tough.

"He's a fighter," said his sister, Sara Douglas.

But this week they learned just how tough the 25-year-old outdoorsman is.

Sunday night he went for a ride on his ATV in the mountains near Elk Valley in Campbell County.

"That's where he wanted to be. Riding in the mountains," said Blake's girlfriend, Tasha Hendrickson.

When Monday morning came, Blake was nowhere to be found.

His family started the search, and by afternoon Campbell County authorities issued a missing person's report and joined in. Around 2 p.m. they found his four-wheeler, but no Blake.

"We were hoping for the best but as the day progressed, everybody is calling back and forth saying, 'Has anybody seen him?'" said Sara.

As the panic started to set in, a stranger pulled up to their family home with a person in the passenger's seat.

"He was mangled. His face was swollen and he couldn't walk really good," said Sara.

"It was just so much to take in at once. By looking at him, you couldn't recognize him," said Hendrickson.

Blake had to reassure his family that it was him. Blake told them his four-wheeler fell backward on top of him and landed on his chest, pinning him down for what he believes to be hours.

"He said, 'I know I punctured my lungs. I know broke bones.'" Tasha said. "He said, 'I heard them brake. I heard them brake.'"

Blake told them he would take a few steps and then stop to rest. Evenutally he made it the road where the stranger found him.

Lifestar flew Blake to UT Medical Center where doctors found 13 broken ribs and both lungs and an artery punctured.

But he was alive, something they don't think would be possible without the good Samaritan who found him.

"My mom hugged the man and thanked him for bringing him and said, 'You are our guardian angel. God sent you to bring our baby home,'" said Sara.

Blake is still recovering in the Intensive Care Unit. As of Wednesday, he was sitting up and talking. His family said he has a long road ahead.

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