Tennessee's November unemployment numbers have been released. Scott County has the highest unemployment rate. Knox County is among the counties with the lowest unemployment rate.


(WBIR) Unemployment rates are down across most of the state, and Knox County remains in the top 10 for the lowest rate in November.

Tennessee's unemployment rate came in at 8.1 percent, 1.1 percent high the the national average. In October 2013, the state's rate was 8.5 percent.

Knox County has the lowest unemployment rate in East Tennessee. It dropped to 5.9 percent last month, down considerably from October's 6.7 percent.

Some of the East Tennessee counties with the higher November unemployment rates include Jefferson County (8.8 percent), Green County (9.6 percent), Cocke County (9.7 percent), Monroe County (9.7 percent), and Scott County (15.7 percent).

Scott County not only has the highest November unemployment rate in East Tennessee, but it has the highest in the state.

For years Scott County has been battling unemployment.

"We have a long history of manufacturing in Scott County and over the past few decades manufacturing in America has taken a downturn and that hit Scott County fairly hard," said Wayne King, president of the Scott County Chamber of Commerce.

Scott County's highest unemployment rate was in January 2011 when its rate was 22.2 percent. Sine then, the county's unemployment rate has been declining.

King said several Scott County businesses are expanding as a way to create more jobs for the people in the county.

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