(WBIR-Huntsville) The small Scott County town of Huntsville always was a special place for the late Senator Howard Baker Jr. It'll also be his final resting place, following this Tuesday's funeral.

"10 o'clock this morning, we got started," Travis Phillips, a self-contracted power washer said outside of the First Presbyterian Church said Monday. He's cleaning the building and getting ready for local and national policy makers and dignitaries. Multiple sources tell 10News that list includes Vice President Joe Biden.

"There have been a lot of law enforcement out here today, and that's all pretty much all I've noticed," Phillips added.

Huntsville has been mowing, clipping, and cleaning in preparation. Secret Service worked on security throughout the day. The hustle and bustle are things the people in the small community are not used to.

"Small town so yeah it's a pretty big deal," Phillips said.

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