(WBIR-Gatlinburg) Visitors at Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP) are getting a glimpse of what's to come this fall.

GSMNP Spokesperson Dana Soehn said peak fall foliage is expected to happen between mid-October and early November.

According to Soehn, this is when it normally happens and they do not expect this year to be any different.

"It's not real bright but there are some bushes that have changed and definitely you can see the signs," said Ed Tietjen, from Maryville.

Kristian Schmidt arrived to Elkmont Campground on Sunday from Dewey Beach, Del. and said, "The autumn foliage is wonderful. It's a time for everyone to come out and appreciate the vast vegetation in the Smokies. Also, animals are changing seasons, bears are getting ready to hibernate, probably stacking up on food knowing they have that long winter so it's a great time to see the wildlife as well."

Soehn said visitors should also be on the lookout for all the autumn wildflowers that are in full bloom.

WBIR Meteorologist Todd Howell said temperatures this fall should be around average.

"We love the fall in the Smokies... We leave Texas where it's 105 degrees and come up here," said Karen Clark, from Dallas.

Even though East Tennessee has had record rain totals so far, Howell also expects normal precipitation amounts. The average amount in Sept. is normally 3.50"; October, 2.51"; November, 4.01".

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