A Sevier County couple is facing charges after the father admitted he burned the baby girl's face with hot water.

21-year-old Daniel Shea is charged with aggravated child abuse. 20-year-old Shannon Hyde is charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect.

According to court documents, Shea admitted that he dipped a bib in hot water, then squeezed it on the 4-week-old infant's face. The hot water caused blistering on the baby's face and neck. Shea told officers that he was trying to clean her after she spit up, and she wouldn't stop crying.

Hyde is charged because investigators say she knew the baby, who was already sick, had been burned, but she didn't seek medical attention. The next day, the babysitter took the baby to the emergency room, where a doctor confirmed she had first and second degree burns on her face and neck.

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