Carly Mallenbaum, USA TODAY

Miley Cyrus' VMA performance? Just, wow.

After sticking out her tongue and singing We Can't Stop with giant teddy bears, things took a turn. For Blurred Lines, she stripped down to a nude bikini, touched Robin Thicke with a foam finger and did a Jersey Turnpike grind on him. Yeah.

On Twitter, celebrities reacted with humor, shock and confusion.

The foam finger was a big focus:

Actor James Van Der Beek (@vanderjames): Things I learned watching the #VMAs2013: There's nothing you can do with a foam finger that you can't air on MTV.

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown (@yvettebrown): Miley, step away from the foam finger and put your tongue away...PLEASE. #VMAs I'm so confused. #OldFogeyTweet

Actress Nia Vardalos (@NiaVardalos): Gotta go, Miley's at my door waving that giant finger and twerking my dog.

And celebs took note of Cyrus' sexual moves:

Singer B.o.B. (@bobatl): when a black girl twerks, it's ratchet. when a white girl does it, it's entertainment

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler): I just watched the #VMAs & I know I'm going to have nightmares about Miley Cyrus playing a tiny harp where her "red light area" is.

Singer Natalie Maines (@1NatalieMaines), referring to Robin Thicke's striped suit: Referees that wear their uniforms to the strip club are creepy.

Comedian David Spade (@DavidSpade): Mileys getting out- twerked by pro dancers right now. #unfortch

The general takeaway was ...

Actor Clark Gregg (@clarkgregg): Oh Miley...

Actor Kevin McHale (@druidDUDE): So confused #VMAs2013

TV personality Michael Strahan (@michaelstrahan): That was uncomfortable, weird and hard to watch!

TV personality Alexa Chung hoped it was all a dream (@alexa_chung): Just woke up from a nightmare about beetlejuice and a child in latex underwear grinding on him.

And the winning tweets were from and about Miley's papa:

Actor Max Greenfield (@iamgreenfield): Billy Ray SIGHrus

Billy Ray Cyrus (@billyraycyrus): Thanking God for so many blessing tonight. Continue to pray for world peace. More love ...less hate.

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