by Brian Mansfield, Special for USA TODAY

If American Idol ever had a group offinalists that wasn't made for a night of rock songs, it's this batch.But this season's Top 7 muddled through, with a few bright spots alongthe way.

Namely Janelle Arthur's boots.

Imagine taking oneof Porter Wagoner's suits and distilling it into a pair of cowboy boots,and you've got an idea what Arthur was wearing as she covered BillyJoel's You May Be Right. When the show came back from commercial, Arthur was sock-footed and judge Nicki Minaj was wearing the boots.

Forthe most part, that's how rock night went: The best moments had littleto do with the music. Angie Miller did battle with a wind machine thatthreatened to make her top more revealing than she had intended. KreeHarrison performed with a pinched nerve. Candice Glover had a brokentoe, the result of botching an April Fool's prank on Lazaro Arbos. Minajbooed herself when criticizing a singer, just to save the audience thetrouble.

But when it came to the music, most of the goodperformances weren't that creative, and others just weren't that good.Arbos forgot lyrics for a second straight week, botching a line in hisduet of Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love with Miller (he did better with his solo Queen song, We Are the Champions,but Arbos is to Freddie Mercury as Pat Boone is to Little Richard). Thenormally inventive Burnell Taylor sounded stilted and unconvincing ashe covered Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name.

Harrison and Glover sang well on really obvious song choices, Harrison lifting Janis Joplin's arrangement for Piece of My Heart and Glover riffing on the Rolling Stones' (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction. (Minaj told Glover her song choice "put her to sleep.")

Janelle Arthur, on the other hand, turned You May Be Right into a credible country-rocker. Amber Holcomb did her best to find a ballad on the "no ballads" night, selling Heart's What About Love likea true R&B queen. And Angie Miller returned to her comfort zone(except for when she was holding her top down), closing the show withEvanescence's Bring Me to Life.

Here's how I rank them:

  • Amber Holcomb, What About Love
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