(WBIR- Knoxville) After five months of work and some frustration by drivers, Lyons View Pike is expected to reopen by next week, according to project managers.

"So we worked 12-14 (hours) a day. Many weeks, we were here seven days a week -- and the community has been fine with that and allowed that to happen," said KUB's Ted Tyree.

Crews have been working to lay down more than 37 miles of utilities since April, when the road closed to traffic. Tyree said the improvements are needed, as Lyons View Pike is an older road.

"In general, the new life of these facilities is 50 to 75 yeas that we're looking for. So we knew this project was once in a generation project," Tyree added.

KUB finished their digging and utility line placement last week. This week, the City of Knoxville will pave the 1.5 mile stretch, from Kingston Pike to Northshore Drive. That is expected to finish by sometime next week.

At that point, KUB will decide when they will reopen the road -- and Tyree said it could be later in the week. All this is dependent on weather.

The project had an original target date of November 2013.

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