A judge has lowered the bond for a West Knox County couple accused of beating, burning and handcuffing two teenage boys.

Jessica Cox and Kenneth McIntosh appeared in court Thursday. Cox is facing more than two dozen child abuse charges, while McIntosh faces 17 charges.

In June, investigators seized several items from the couple's home after Cox's 14 and 16-year-old stepsons showed up at Farragut High School in May, handcuffed together. The boys are McIntosh's biological sons. Investigators say Cox kept one of the boys handcuffed to a kitchen cabinet for hours without food, beat him, and burned him with cigarettes.

On Thursday, the judge set McIntosh's bond at $75,000 and Cox's at $125,000. Cox's is higher because of her criminal history and the fact that she violated court orders.

Last month, the judge set their bond at $200,000 each.

The defense argued Cox was not a flight risk because she has multiple sclerosis.

Cox and McIntosh's trial date as been set for May 19th.

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