A young middle Tennessee waitress is speaking out after a customer didn't leave a tip over the weekend. Instead, that customer wrote a racial slur on the receipt.

"It was like my heart kind of sank and I was like 'Wow.' I'm like going through my mind, I'm like, 'Was my service awful? Did I do something?' I've never had to deal with that before," said Toni Jenkins, a waitress at Red Lobster.

A table racked up a $40 lunch bill with Jenkins. On the bill, the customers wrote "none" on tip and the n-word in the total column.

Jenkins showed the receipt to her manager, her mother, and posted it online. She said most have been supportive but some question whether she faked it.

She said she's speaking out to raise awareness about racism, and said she's willing to forgive.

"My parents have always told me that hurting people want to hurt others. I have no hatred towards them. I don't want any disdain or anything to happen to them. I love them like I love anybody else," she said.

A Red Lobster spokesperson said the company is investigating. They say the customer denied writing the slur.

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