Governor Bill Haslam and the 49 other governors are meeting with President Obama this week to discuss ways the federal and state governments can work better together.

"The truth is we've been meeting all week with the governors together," said Gov. Haslam. "There have been incredible helpful discussions because we're all dealing with the same issues. We all face healthcare pressures on our budget regardless of what you've done on expansion. We've all realized the training our workforce is going to need is way different than it used to be."

Shortly after meeting with the president, a handful of southern governors discussed their agenda in a news conference. They said they're asking President Obama to reduce federal regulations and delay parts of the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama is looking to push his top priorities: job training, higher wages, investments in roads and bridges, better access to education, and improving the health care overhaul.

The governors were united in taking a stance against proposed cuts to the National Guard.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel released a proposal Monday to downsize the U.S. military, including the National Guard. Dozens of the governors spoke out against the measure.

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