An East Tennessee sheriff's race may have to be settled in court.

Thursday night, Monroe County voters chose Randy White over incumbent Bill Bivens.

There's been controversy over White's certification to serve as sheriff. After he appeared on the ballot, a complaint prompted an investigation by the POST commission that determined that White did not have enough full-time law enforcement experience to meet state requirements to run for sheriff.

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White got 53% of the vote, to Bivens' 46%.

White would not speak to 10News, but Bivens said he planned to file an injunction in the next five days, and that he would not bow out.

The chairman of the Monroe County Democratic Party already filed a lawsuit last week against White and the election commission, asking for him to be removed from the ballot and any votes cast for him be thrown out.

The election commission said then that if White wins the vote, he would be sheriff.

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