Davis Howell earned a reputation for toughness in helping CAK win back-to-back state championships. But it is his versatility that is catching coaches' eyes in Chattanooga.

The son of WBIR Chief Meteorologist Todd Howell is a freshman receiver with the Moccasins. He also has shown a talent as a holder on the placekicking team, something that caught the eye of head coach Russ Huesman.

"He has a lot of ability," Huesman said. "Great hands, just the same things we saw in high school from him."

"The thing that we also like that's an added incentive for him is, he's a pretty good holder," added Huesman.

As for Howell, he's just trying to keep pace in his first weeks of college football.

"It is a little bit overwhelming," said Howell. "Moving in, learning the plays, running with the offense, it is a little bit overwhelming."

"Everyone's a lot bigger, faster, stronger," Howell observed.

"I'm going to be the best that I can be," added Howell, "and wherever that puts me, if it's on the field this year, if it's redshirting this year, that's for the coaches to decide. I've just got to do everything that I can to help the team and come out and have a great season."

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