Todd Kelly was an All-SEC player for the Tennessee Vols and a first round NFL draft pick. So it stands to reason his offspring would have a better than average chance at being athletic.

His youngest, Todd Kelly Junior, has committed to follow his dad to Tennessee. That sets up a little conflict in the Kelly household starting with the fact TK has become better known than older sister Clarke.

"It's a lot different now that people are like, oh you're TK's sister," said Clarke Kelly, "instead of, oh you're Clarke. So, it's just, it's cool though and I'm very proud of him because ever since I can remember, he has been runnin' around in football pads. So now to think that he is going to be having on that Tennessee jersey just like my Dad is just an incredible feeling, and I'm very proud of him."

Clarke is proud of TK, but she'll be cheering for another team. She will begin her junior season as a cheerleader at Alabama this fall.

"And I've always wanted to be a college cheerleader and there's an all-girl program that's available at the University of Alabama," Clarke added. "And the program actually started in 2011 which was the year I graduated from high school so it was just a perfect opportunity."

During TK's recruitment, there was speculation he might roll with the Tide. Turns out, that speculation wasn't far off.

"It had a little bit to do with it just because we are so close," Todd Kelly, Junior, said. "She also did a little bit of recruiting, but at the same time she wanted me to be happy. She was happy when I made the decision to stay in town and go to Tennessee, but after they won that national championship, I was really considering it."

Tennessee fans and Alabama fans have a hard time getting along. TK and Clarke say the rivalry is all in fun for them.

"I mean, we are close as it is, so we aren't going to let colleges get in the way of our relationships," said Todd.

"In a weird way, the rivalry kind of ties us together because Tennessee and Alabama will never get along," Clarke added. "I think that because we are siblings, and you know, he is going to be there forever, and I just think that our rivalry will keep us intact because he is always going to be talking trash, and I'll be talking trash years down the road. And I say roll tide all the time and he said if I say Roll Tide one more time, he doesn't know what he is going to do."

"I tell her if she says Roll Tide one more time, I'm going to 'Butch slap' her, joked TK. "That's what Coach Jones told me to say, but you know, I call her out on Twitter just to let the Vol fans do it for me."

Clarke is studying Communications at Alabama and is home this summer, interning at WBIR. TK would love to see her be an ESPN reporter interviewing him about football.

"That'd be awesome. Maybe one day, she could be on ESPN and interviewing me on the sidelines like Erin Andrews or something like that. That'd be pretty cool. I'd have to throw in a Tennessee joke in there at her since she'll be graduating from Alabama."

In case you're curious, Clarke won't be cheering against her brother. Her squad only cheers at the Crimson Tide's home games.

"I did some research just to see what would happen and my freshman year, we are going to play them (Alabama) at home," said Todd. "She cheers at the home games, so she'll be able to come up there. I'm going to try and get her in some orange, and try and customize her a shirt that says TK on the back and 'Go Vols' or something like that just to see if she'll wear it.

"It doesn't matter if I get in trouble, I'm going to cheer for him because he's my brother," Clarke said. "I might not say go Vols, but I'll say go TK."

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