At his weekly press conference, UT head football coach Butch Jones talked about freshmen quarterbacks, Smokey gray uniforms, and a tough test coming up against the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend.

The Vols had to put together a late defensive stop to end a comeback by South Alabama on Saturday in Neyland Stadium. It was a win, but most fans agree, it was an ugly one.

Butch touched on that, saying he felt the team reverted back to some old habits on Saturday, allowing that comeback. He also feels the team still needs to learn to play a complete game-- to compete for 60 minutes. He pointed out one of their biggest problems on the team is a lack of depth.

"Right now, we have some major depth issues. And right now I think it's starting to be revealed, starting to show itself," said Jones.

They've got a lot of true freshman playing, with 14 seeing time on the field, and their inexperience is showing.

Then, he turned his attention to Georgia.

"I think we all know what we're up against with a Georgia football team coming in here Saturday at 3:30," said Jones. He referred to Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray as a "Sunday quarterback," and he will provide a real challenge for the Vols.

As for the Vols' quarterback, Jones knows there is some frustration with current starter Justin Worley and his inconsistency. That doesn't mean you'll see a change on Saturday.

"As much as everyone wants to see them, it's my job and my responsibility to not put them in until they're ready," said Jones.

Jones also revealed that running back Marlin Lane suffered a lower extremity injury, and is day to day right now. He won't be in practice on Monday, and they should know more on Tuesday about his condition and whether he will be able to play.

The Vols will BE sporting a new look for the Georgia game, donning the Smokey gray uniforms for the first time. It will be a motivator, a boost to recruiting, and Butch said "I think it's something our fan base has been waiting for."

Player James Stone, who spoke briefly at the press conference, said it would be "extra juice" to motivate the guys.

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