Five-star Station Camp High School WR Josh Malone announced Wednesday he will play football for the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Malone's announcement has been at the top of Vols' fans conversations.

Former Vol football player Jayson Swain now hosts "Swain Event" on Tennessee Sports Radio and talked about Malone's decision on the airwaves.

"[Fans are] excited. It's Josh Malone day," said Swain.

Malone is one of several top-ranked football players intending to play for the Vols. Tennessee's top prospective student athlete, Beech High School's running back Jalen Hurd, has verbally committed to UT. And Evan and Elliot Berry, younger brothers of Vols All-American defensive back Eric Berry, have officially committed to play for the Vols.

"It's unheard of to be 5-7, to be bowl-less, to get blown out on national television and still be able to recruit with Alabama and recruit with LSU and recruit with Auburn and Florida, who has been successful lately. It's remarkable," said Swain.

Docs Sports Bar in West Knoxville, formerly Ray's, is a popular place for Vols fans to watch UT football games. Wednesday, several UT fans were talking about the big football recruits and what it could mean for UT's future.

"I think next year we will have a very good receiving core, not to mention the five-star running back. If we get both of those on the field at the same time, I think we're in good shape," said Russell Hill of Powell.

"I'm really excited. I'm happy to see what Butch can do with the players and hopefully we'll make it to a bowl game," said Amber Hatmaker of Knoxville.

"They can get to a bowl game. That's the number one thing. I think you're looking at six to seven,maybe eight, wins next year," said Swain.

Swain said despite a losing season, he believes head coach Butch Jones' vision for the future is helping recruitment.

"He has a step-by-step plan and he's able to explain to the recruits and the parents this is what we're going to do," said Swain.

Malone has signed his financial agreement papers, which means he's coming to UT early in January.

The Vols are now waiting to hear where Brighton High School football player Charles Mosley will choice to go to college. He's been on UT's radar for a while. Mosely is expected to make his decision Friday.

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