Week 1 has come to an end and some teams are already showing out to set themselves apart from the rest.

Doesn't take long for Maryville to put up the points, John Garrett hands it off to Cody Carroll on the first drive and after he breaks a tackle, he takes it to the house. Maryville gets a quick jump on this long standing rivalry game. Alcoa attempted to put some points on the board, but things just could not seem to happen for them. Maryville won 31-2.

Talk about a team that is making a statement, Fulton wins big again this week over Bearden. The Falcons clinched the biggest spread tonight winning 52-0. Fulton's ground game seems almost impossible to stop and if they can continue for the rest of the season, this could easily be a championship team and definitely one to watch out for.

Another team taking a stance tonight was Lenoir City. The Panthers would not allow Loudon to put up any points. Lenoir City showed off their skills on both sides of the ball tonight, they would win the Battle of the Bridge 26-0.

Its a great first week for Hardin Valley as they started their season off with a winagainst Karns. Karns new head coach, Travis Tipton, watched several errors again this week from his team. Karns practically handed the win over to the Hawks. Hardin Valley wins 29-8.

High School football fans expected a lot out of Webb this season with the hype surrounding Todd Kelly Jr., but they were stopped once again this week by Chattnooga's Baylor. Baylor faced a major challenge tonight as their head coach was kicked out of the game and possilby went to the press box to listen on the headset, which is not allowed. However, despite missing their coach, Baylor made it hard for Webb to answer once they took the lead in the 3rd quarter. Baylor won 21-7.

Gibbs and Grainger flip-flopped this week to put them even the past two weeks. Gibbs quarterback Preston Booth sneaks it in to start things off. Grainger tries to launch down the field, but they would be unsuccessful and Gibbs defense would put a stop. Gibbs won 28-14 over Grainger.

Gameswere starting to get closer as wewere offto Gatlinburg-Pittman at Greenback. Greenback was electric tonight, surrounding the field entirely. However, the small town intensity would not be enough to push the Cherokees to a win. They would fall tonight to Gatlinburg-Pittman 20-14.

Finally a win at home, South-Doyle opened their season up strong to Heritage. Not many teams were able to pull off the home win tonight. South-Doyle keeps a live offense though to win 26-7 over Heritage.

FarragutAdmirals were also able to win at home; one of three of our featured teams to do so. The Admirals hosted Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge tightens the gap in the 3rd quarter but could not find the endzone enough. Farragut would win 31-24.

Things came down to the final minutes at William Blount who hosted Morristown East. The Governors had the opportunity to tie up the game with only three minutes remaining, but the kicker could not pull through for the extra point. William Blount fell to Morristown East 34-35.

The final featured game of the weekwould end with Powell at CAK. This game came down to the very last minute as it was back-and-forth the entire night. CAK had the opportunity for the 2 point conversion but failsas Powell would hang on to a 42-41 win.

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