The Defensive Player of the Week won by almost 2,500 votes this week! Andy Eddins from Grace Christian took home the title for Week 1. Eddins had 19 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 hurries against Kingston. His favorite moment of the game was his last tackle.

"I had a 3rd or it was 4th quarter sack.. I think it was 4th and 8 or 9, something like that, and they were trying to throw it. I came on a blitz and got my 19th tackle on a sack," said Eddins.

Head Coach McKamey says Andy is the kind of kid you want; he's fun to coach.

"Andy is one of those kids that could write his own ticket right now. He's a good defensive player, he has the size to be a good linebacker, but yet he can catch the ball and he runs well. So on the field he is very versatile as to what he can do. It's going to fun for him and his family to kind of play his cards right and see what he wants to do at the next level." said McKamey.

Grace Christian defeated Kingston 34-6.

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