The offensive star for Week 4 can be found at CAK. Billy Spencer, a receiver for the Warriors, claimed 79% of the votes making him the Offensive Player of the Week. Spencer had a big night against Scott County earning 7 catches for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns. One of Spencer's three touchdowns included an 83 yard run to the end zone!

"There was a touchdown pass where there was not a corner covered out on me, and the rover came out and I just juked him once and I was gone. Pretty easy," said Spencer.

Head Coach Rusty Bradley has been continually impressed by Spencer and his work ethic. Bradley believes Friday's game against the Highlanders showed Spencer's athletic ability, especially that 83 yard run.

"Well I think the biggest thing was that he showed that he had a lot of speed because a couple of guys had angles on him and he was able to out run them. So that really just showed the athlete that he is and the speed that he has," said Bradley.

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